Repair and Polishing

Accidents may happen and there might be a time you need to exchange or repair your jewellery. We restore the completeness of your jewellery, looking as good as the first day you wore it. Please contact our customer service team for all questions and quotations. All your precious jewellery can be restored;

* New stringing when the elastic has gone weak

* Soldering

* Replacing any missing or broken parts such as balls, stones, pendants or charms

* Brighten up and polish your tarnished or dirty jewellery

Also our stores and authorized dealers look forward to assist you with any service required, or a quotation.

On your Lora di Lora Jewellery is a 1 year warranty. After the 12 months guarantee or when you are unable to produce a receipt, we will give you a quotation for the repair. Given the precious and refined craftsmanship of your jewellery, we recommend you to take due care in its use and handling to ensure its splendour is maintained over time. We advise you to avoid direct contact with perfume, hairspray or chemical products.  

PLEASE NOTE: Creations purchased from non-authorized dealers or websites other than and the authorized dealer webshops are not warrantied as being authentic Lora di Lora creations.